Technologies: a Friend or a Foe? - Argumentative Essay

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SEGUNIAL, Katelyn Margarette C. 02 October 2012
2012106211 / A1A Argumentative Essay

Technologies: A Friend or A Foe?

Our world is constantly becoming modernized through technologies. It is use by people to improve the way they live for their everyday living. It changed other aspects of our everyday life such as work and leisure time activities. Through technologies, it helps us in changing our lives and shaping our future rapidly. Technology is important to us but at the same time it is risky and harmful when people will use it on a bad way. But now that almost everyone in the modern society are surrounded by technologies, the more we need it for the generations to come that will help
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Until such time that it becomes addictive for them and destroy their focus to their priorities. Many bad things happened online, example is cyber bullying. It is true that nowadays technologies like computers and many more are very harmful and risky in a way people use it to commit crimes and cheat or fool other people. It poisons our mind when usage is too much, it make us addict to the extent that we can’t live a day without using it and it really affects others’ schooling. However, those things will only happen when you will use it not on its proper way, when you can’t limit yourself to things that you might discover and see and when don’t control yourself, it’s upon the user. Technologies make us aware, smart enough
TechnoFriend / 444 and responsible to the things around us. Indeed, technologies are part of the things who make us more civilized and organized as a nation and as ourselves, as who we are right now. They are part of our success and moments that we can’t forget in our life, they are very important. It is clear that technologies really make our life easier. They are very important to us because nowadays people depend on technologies. They help us in every way they can. They are always there with our side whenever were happy or sad. They can make us laugh and entertain us whenever we are bored. They are always there at times we can’t express our feelings physically and emotionally through writing and typing. Technologies