Technology: Abuse and Justin Eatmon Eng Essays

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Douglas Mandere
Prof: Justin Eatmon
ENG 111-4202
Technology’s impact
Technology in its broadest sense is now more important than ever in the world with lots of profound role on our societies. Every year, technology becomes more advanced and compact for our convenience in terms of social interaction, research, and procurement that have been revolutionized through the thrilling period of the computer age. As there was a time when people would have a laptop tote on their shoulder, now technology allows them to carry a hand held tablet, which is capable of holding twice as more applications and important documents of the user. Technology continues to upgrade with the fast pace world to make our lives easier; however, it can be complicated because there are pro and cons. That is; the excessive amount of technology can create issues as well.
Technology also allows the average Joe to be bold. For instance, back in the 80’s, a person had to find an Adult entertainment store near them, buy the pornographic material, return home and go into a private room to view porn in a VCR. Now porn can be downloaded for free on any capable portable device. You can view porn secretly, while on the go, hassle free, and without the embarrassment of purchasing X-rated material. This creates a problem because if a person is addicted to porn, technology allows them the convenience to view it. Thirty years ago you couldn’t bring a TV, VCR, and other electrical wires on the go to feed your habit. You had to wait until you got home to view unsavory material and secure privacy so that family members would not find out.
In a group, people are bolder and do behaviors that they would not normally do alone. Similarly with online bullying, you do not need an entourage. Bullying still occurs in schools; nonetheless, it is easier to say degrading words over the web, than face to face. Facebook is the biggest social resource that people use to mental abuse their victims. All we have to do is find someone’s name through the search engine bar and post hateful words on their page. Mental abuse is just as harmful as physical abuse. In fact physical scars can heal, but mental scars can remain for decades. A 12 year old girl named Rebecca Sedgwick killed herself after suffering” cyber-torment” in 2013. The two girls that bullied Rebecca would have not been able to freely torment her if they did not have convenient mobile devices to do so. Facebook gave the