Essay on Technology: Ada Lovelace and Internet

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The form of mass communication that has had the most impact on my life has to be the Internet. There have been so many different reasons for why I have needed this type of mass communication in my life. Of course there would be no Internet with out the most important part, which is the computer. In the mid- 1880’s, Lady Ada Byron Lovelace aided Charles Babbage to produce designs for a “computer” that could conduct algebraic computations using stored memory and punch cards for input and output. It is a crazy thought that both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak dropped out of college in 1977, along with Bill Gates who dropped out of Harvard in 1975, with the purpose to create and perfect an easy to use, affordable computer for personal use rather than just for business. Then, Tim Berners-Lee developed the hypertext transfer in the early 1990s; and he gave HTTP to the world for free. First, without the Internet I would not be here at Monmouth University today. When I was applying to colleges the use of the Internet let me research and see so many different universities without even having to leave my house. It was able to bring me to many different websites of schools. There was also websites designed where it let me put in my SAT scores, locations, and qualities of schools that I was looking for and interested in. That it how I can across Monmouth University,
With out the use of the Internet during my high school career I would have not done as well as I did. This form of communication helped so much when it came to research papers or just papers in general. Even when I had questions about grammar and spelling. I could easily look up what was the correct way to write something. Also during high school when I took math and sciences, which were my weak points, the use of YouTube, and other websites showed and taught me how I could do certain problems.
Thanks to the Internet, it lets me stay connected to everyone in my life. For an example, I have family in Texas and we do not get to see each other very often, so with the internet it lets us Skype with them so we can stay connected and get to talk to them every once in a while. To us, this is much more effected then the phone or mail. The