Technology And Health Care Essay

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Technology and Health Care
Sheri Anderson
HCS/531 Health Care Organizations Delivery Systems
May 26, 2014
Racheal Kehoe

Technology and Health Care
Healthcare technology was a complex industry in the infancy stage. Today’s market is expanding on the services provided through software development. Health care organizations are pressured to meet this growing demand. The new software developed must meet regulatory and data management requirements. This paper discusses the impact made by Medical Guardian, in-home system and new arrival of the MobileAlert system software development. It describes the company in more detail and the evidence that sheds light upon the accuracy of the affects it has made on health care. It begins by reviewing in broad details of the products, services and applications process. The paper ends with a summary of the projected impact of the software development and offers some observations on those outcomes.
Product Services and Application
Caregiver resources are the basis behind the development of medical alert products. The organization capitalized on the needs of seniors and disabled people to generated devices that could potentially save their lives. There are two products this organization is famous for implementing into the health care industry. The two primary systems are “the in-home system and the mobile alert system”. Current and emerging developments in wireless communications, integrated with developments in pervasive computing and wearable technologies, they have a radical impact on future healthcare delivery systems. It is anticipated that wearable computing will start to become a routine part of healthcare delivery and patient self-management by 2020 (Dunkin, 2014).
The in-home system was designed to let people mainly seniors stay alone without fear of falling or slipping in their homes. It has a base unit that is simple to connect, which plugs into a phone jack or electrical outlet. The consumer can choose a waterproof necklace or wristband that works with the home base unit. It works up to 400ft throughout the house. The MobileAlert system is a software tool consumers can take anywhere they go and it works inside or outside of the home (Medical Guardian, 2014). This software serves as a plan to develop a better secure environment for seniors and disabled adults or children. The objective is to establish a method to provide vital information to emergency workers with these smart technology tools. It allows consumers to get medical attention or emergency transportation in times of crises.
The impact of product on quality of care, quality of life, cost of care, and access.
Medical alert systems are responsible for saving lives. They are capable of alerting emergency personnel and transmit vital information that is useful in determining a person’s condition. For instance, these tools can tell emergency responder’s whether a person has drug allergies or need insulin when the person is unable to speak. There are four plans to a person can choose. The smart ice application will talk for the consumer via their iPhone or iPod. The consumer pre-record a message detailing crucial medical information and this recorded information will play back when the emergency medical technician (EMT) presses the play button (Dunkin, 2014).
The next devise is the Medical Alert Pendant USB Flash Drive can be used at home or out and about. It also provides medical personnel vital information if the consumer gets sick or injured. The 1 GB USB flash drive comes with a 20-inch ball chain and software that allows you to easily store and maintain your medical information and even copies of scans and X-rays as PDF files that can be read by almost any computer (Dunkin, 2014). The next tool is a SilverCare Personal Safety Emergency Alert Device. If a medical emergency happens and the consumer cannot get to a phone they can call hands-free from the wristwatch device. The device, which works with your