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Mr. Trolla's
Industrial Technology 6th Class Syllabus ('09-'10)
Technology: “The Application of Knowledge, Creativity and Resources, to solve real world problems and extend human capabilities.”
Welcome to Industrial Technology. This course covers several main topics, related to design and fabrication of: structures, transportation systems, electronics, etc. Many of us take technology for granted, but it is vital for all of us to have a basic understanding of how things work. Can you imagine a world without computers, cell phones, the internet, satellite television, electric/alternative fuel vehicles, etc.? Every one of the previously mentioned items is less than 20 years old, in terms of them being widely used or owned.
Course Goals • Inspire and motivate students to become creative, technological problem solvers and consequently develop greater self-esteem and confidence in their creative potential. • Provide students with a semester long experience that will serve as a foundation for technological literacy. • Offer students an opportunity to explore the evolution of technologies and their social impact. • Expose students to educational & career paths related to diverse technological fields. • Introduce students to fundamental hand and computer based design skills. • Provide students with a solid understanding of safe operation and handling procedures for basic hand/ power tools and materials. • Provide students with additional opportunities to further develop academic skills in math, science and reading and to help students understand the relationships between technology and those core academic subjects.
Method of instruction includes lectures and demonstrations complimented by a variety of hands-on and computer supported activities, using (mainly) Microsoft PowerPoint and the cad program, ProDesktop.
Required Materials: • 1 Folder to place all your project and content work in for this class. • 2 pencils with erasers (All work is to be completed in pencil so you can erase your mistakes.) • All work should be kept in your tote tray or your locker in room C9.

Grading Breakdown
|PROJECTS |60% |

Each Project is worth a fixed number of points based on the time spent during the quarter. Grading is based on how much of the project that you complete. Everyone will receive one assignment sheet, where you will write each of your projects. You must complete the projects when we do them in class. There will be no redo projects without reason of absence.
***KEEP EVERYTHING that you receive and do in this class!
Homework and Current Events will be regularly assigned and covered in class. As well as collecting your current events, I will randomly select students to share their current events with the rest of the class. Everyone will get a chance to discuss 1-2 of their current events. Each current event includes 4 parts: 1. Overview of the chosen technology