Technology And The Telephone

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Technology & the Telephone
Leroy Green

There have been untold developments in technology and how our lives have changed as a result of such developments. One thing that intrigues me regarding these changes is the changes in the telephone as we know it. I am especially interested in the iphone so I read an article that discussed a little about the origin of the iphone. In June of 2007, Apple came on the scene with a touch screen phone that became known as the iphone. However, this was not the first time this type of device has been talked about or developed. An Apple worker by the name of John Casey had this type of concept as far back as the year 2000. In comparison to the phones prior to the iphone, this phone introduced what is called an accelerometer – a motion sensor that allowed you to turn the phone sideways and rotate the display. The iphone was also the first device to have “apps” or software add-ons. As they continued to progress, the iphone 4S was released with the addition of a voice activated personal assistant called Siri. With the addition of Siri, the iphone can now promote itself as a tool that goes way beyond merely making a phone call. Siri is a piece of artificial intelligence that can do quite a few tasks for the user. From a personal prospective, I can remember the time when there were actually telephone booths and no such thing even as touch tone. As technology has grown and developed, there are some very