Technology Boom Essay

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You send a text, and before you can even move your finger off of the send button you are impatiently waiting for a reply. Today’s society is fast paced and impatient. Everyone wants to get their job done the quickest way possible. We each turn to a different form of technology to achieve our tasks. Some people turn to technology for communication, while others use it for research. Technology is vast and ever-growing. Just when you think something is the newest must have gadget something better hits the market.
Technology is a major part of society. It is found any where you go. Everyone uses it, and if you were to look around at this moment someone is probably using a technological device right in front of you. The most common and current piece of technology is a smart phone. It is looked at as such a complex device that is within arms reach. Most people can be found carrying around their smartphone or have it pressed to their ear constantly. It is commonly seen being used by young adults who have grown up during years of the technology boom. It is almost seen as a vital necessity in today’s time. You use your smartphone for almost everything you do in a day. It can be looked at as a device that was created to make life simpler but has seemed to make life a lot more than that.
As you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, you will find pictures and statuses posted by all of your friends. It is almost like a free pass to see into your friends life at a personal level. It is full of information that at one point you would have had to wait until the next day to hear about. With the constant demand for new products, technology moves at an extreme rate. It is almost impossible to ever catch up with it. I find myself getting lost in the shuffle on a daily basis. With the speed and accessibility you find with your smartphone, you begin to find yourself to be impatient when it comes to everyday life. As you go through your daily routine you find yourself constantly wanting everything done quick. It is a sign that technology is moving to quick.
If you spent time to count up everything that technology has improved you would be able to say you agree with the expansion of technology. But if you were to count up the many things technology has changed and influenced you would agree that technology is moving too fast for society to comprehend. Just like technology has advanced at such a quick rate so is