Technology: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and daily Lives Essays

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Do you ever wonder how lucky you are to be living in a world of technology. why you ask? well technology has influenced our lives in so many ways, for example it keeps us in touch with people all over the world, it helps us get to where we need to go in a short amount of time, you can even chat live with friends and families across the globe. Technology has not only revolutionalized our daily lives but it has also contributed into the workforce such as making our jobs easier and coming up with new and creative ideas to problem solving while also keeping us safe. Basicly, technology is our lives and is what keeps our world moving forward because all we know is technology and is something that has been with us since our time of birth, today I'll be talking about where technology has had the most impact in our daily lives which is health,entertainment and transportation. While technology is depicted mostly as a source of joy and entertainment there are other ways that they can improve our lives as well which is our health. Today technology has not only improved our health but it has also enabled us to detect diseases before hand. For example, we have X-ray machines that can detect diseases suchs as cancer,tumors, heart disease and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and come up up with cures or treatment before hand. It also provides surgical ways such as breast surgery and shedding down some weight to give you the confidents you need. There's also new exercise methods to give you fast and easy results to help you lose weight suchs as T-25,there's also machines such as the Nitroblast which grinds in all the nutrients of fruits and vegetables to give you not only the tasiest drinks but also gives your body all the energy it needs to stay in tip top shape. Technology also plays a major role in transportation. Which is something that alot of people seem to take for granted being able to go from one place to another in mere seconds, which is a testament to how great technology is.Which is something our ancestors would have greatly benfited from who relyed on human and animal power.There are many ways of transportation but the most common type of transportation that we can all relate to is the common automobile; technology has also developed various transportation systems that will benefit a majority of people worldwide who can't affrord to have a vehicle such as trains and buses.there's also the railroad system which helps us transport and import various goods such as clothes,food,cars and many different goods with many different countries. So as you can see technology is very beneficial to our daily lives. My next