Technology: Customer Relationship Management and Company Essay

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Technology Impact

Albert Sweeny

University of Phoenix

TEC/401 – Human Factors in Technology

Tynia Landry

October 3, 2011

Abstract * This research paper will give a brief synopsis of how an company or organization should introduce or implement new product to their customers. How a company or organization effectively communicate new changes to its customers is critical. Companies often produce new technologies and products. This is the way the company or organization stay in business. This research paper will outline the impact when a company introduce a new product to customers, the added value from the new product or technology, what support plan the company or organization have in place for customers who may have questions, and finally partnerships with the company or organization and technology.

How a company or organization plan to execute the announcement of a new product is extremely important. Before a company decides to release the information to society; organizations and companies need to research the surrounding areas to see if the new product will have a positive or negative impact. The research should contain valuable information such as: - the community’s needs, and wants;- pricing; - product features; - shoppers motivation to buy the product. Company executives should consider those to be critical to the decision process.
Timing is also a critical factor. The marketing department for the company or organization need to know if the manufactures are still on schedule so the company will not have to re-announce the product. Re-announcing a new product to society can have a negative impact such as: loss of sales; credibility; and consumer skeptics. Finally the company or organizations need to promote the product via samples, web site, television advertisement etc. Time the promotions with the productions.
The way a company announces the new product or technology sets the direction of the product and the company’s future. A company must define the audience, and how this new technology will appeal to them. Decide if your audience is more into online buying or stores and mail. Most important companies and organizations need to ask themselves can the product evolve with the ever growing changes. Customers are likely to consider products that can be upgraded in order to keep up with the latest technology. The customers need to see the product at least four times before a customer will remember the product. A product is most likely to succeed if it is related in some way to the products you have been selling all along.
Companies and organization should keep in mind to introduce new products or technology gradually. Following these steps and many other steps build trust with your customers and they will likely support the new product.
Technology has proven many benefits for companies and organizations. For example, banking has come a long way since banks first opened. Because of the advancements it has proven more and more individuals are opening bank account. Online banking has become one the easiest, fastest, and most accurate solution to managing your money. Online banking has set a high bar for other companies to compete. Most banks offer bill pay, paperless statements, and transfer from different accounts, replace a stolen or lost card and the list goes on.
MP3’s have come a long way. Every year manufactures have come up with something smaller, sleeker, and better file formats. The top of the line now is the iTune. If the MP3 is not compatible with the iTune, customers will not regard it as the “best” (How to be a good product manager, 2011). Wireless networking has proved to be added value in this day. Manufactures work diligently to improve signal strength and people with larger homes migrated more and more to wireless technology in their home.
Today we have smart phones to help in our purchasing decision. In today’s society individuals carry their information in the