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Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers Critique
By: Esiquio Lara Jr
EDUC 1301-6028

A young teacher name Erin Gruwell takes an employment position at an inner-city High School in Long Beach, California. The high school was previously known as Scholastic Academy until an integration program was implemented by the school district, combining students from upper, middle class and poverty stricken areas under the same roof at Wilson High School. Erin challenged and inspired students to advance their education in spite of the difficult problems they face outside the classroom. Some school staff members remained pessimistic towards a particular group of students and had no hopes that they would ever have the desire to get an education. Erin’s form of teaching was quite unique as well as non-traditional. Her teaching style drove a positive connection between the students and herself. However, this did not come easy. This movie is a great representation of diversity and acceptance among people of all ages. Each young person in the movie is going through a personal crisis brought on by their environment and upbringing. Erin Gruwell eventually endures her own personal struggle with a failed marriage. Her husband ends up leaving her due to the lack of the attention she gives him because she is so involved with the kids in her class. Erin educates these kids on how people in history have faced far larger struggles during the Holocaust. The students begin to relate to the fear of dying and