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Markie Scharch Feb. 19th 2013 Technological progress of the last century changed not only the individual lives of people, but the world as a whole. Out of numerous technological advances and inventions, the two of them stand out tremendously in a scale of the effect they had on today’s world: computer and data network. Computers are present in just about every aspect of our life. From the simple task of switching the traffic light, to the complex calculations of the spacecraft trajectories – computers restlessly work night and day, helping human beings achieve never before seen levels of efficiency and productivity. The ability to collect, sort and store huge amounts of data enabled rapid development of all branches of science, which in turn sped up technological progress even more. A computer on its own is capable of completing many different tasks. But its true potential becomes visible when it is coupled with the other technological breakthrough – a data network. Communication has always been a key component to human success. During the early days of civilization human beings hunted in groups, divided responsibilities, and established laws via talking to each other. In modern international society the ability to communicate and exchange information remains an element of vital importance. The same principle applies to computers. Once connected into a network – every quality that makes a computer great multiplies tenfold. Computer networks gave us the ability to communicate on a new level. The world became connected with the implementation of the Internet. Information is now easy to share, exchange and process. The term Global Economy took on a new meaning as well, as many businesses across the globe started to set up