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Statement of Intent: Advance of technology has both its positive and negative aspects but steps and precautions have to be put in place for our younger generation to develop effectively as a society. Teens of today need to realize there is a bigger world out there that consists of the things they are exposed to online. This idea has lead me and countless others to understand that connectivity and social views we share are now leading to a downfall in the progression of today’s modern culture. As a year 11 student,
I see the effects of high internet usage more readily and would like to persuade teenagers to find comfort in other areas of their life. Introduction:
Technology is advancing at such a fast pace today. It has evolved for the benefit of mankind and has also drastically changed the way we live and socialize. However, for the foundation of technology to be used as a tool for development, we must encourage more teenagers to use internet minimally so that they are not constantly distracted by it.
Teens today have to realize there there is more to the world than just technology. Of course, things are much easier, communication has never been so simple, but with this there is always a consequence attached; technology can and is being used in a negative way, affecting people's emotional and physical states. Technology has never been at the height it is today but in the education system we are seeing a lapse; we as teens are becoming less focused and less inclined to study. Technology has its positive and negative effects on our generation but it should be used to a limited degree for teenagers to grow up and become mature and responsible adults. Socializing:
In today’s society we can do pretty much anything on the internet and with convenient devices that can access social media easily, we are becoming less social in real life interactions. Things are easily displayed and these machines are slowly starting to take influence and ruling our interactions with the way we live. We feel no need to be physically connected, no problems unraced, easy access to an engine that could possibly solve all our problems, and learning about people through a network created to share. Our writing, communication, problem solving skills, and all the things that don’t seem necessary has declined in a world where people are becoming technologically dependent. In other words you don’t really have to do much anymore, technology can now be used to do our chores; to do our shopping, to say happy birthday, type our essays, edit our essays, tell us how to write our essay. We are becoming self­absorbed and reliant, there is no privacy, lies can be told easily and social media is becoming a distraction. Perhaps as a consequence, we are seeing an outbreak of mental and physical illnesses at the same time that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people utilizing technology today.

With the emerging effects of social media on our mental health, it is not hard to understand why there are so many teenagers in our society today, suffering from depression, isolation and anxiety. With the social media and technology being so accessible it is easy to hurt or influence people; people are becoming detached and hurt easily because more people are becoming insensitive to other people’s feelings and don’t see the implications of their actions on others in reality, this cyber attack is something many teens are faced on a day to day basis. Not only does technology and social media affect the mental health and the outbreak of cyberbullying of many young teenagers but it also has a drastic effect on their physical well­being. Such an example lies in a teenager sitting on their chair, looking at their computer screen for many hours non­stop. Most teenagers are not exercising enough and they are often very conscious of their appearance which is a consequence of the many portrayals of beauty