Technology Essay Defend Challenge Q

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Alex Wilson
Period 6
Defend, Challenge, or Qualify this Statement:
*The purpose of technology seems to be solely for entertainment.* Some seem to think that the purpose of technology is solely for entertainment. Parents are teaching their kids to shy away from technology and to use it in moderation. While many forms of entertainment are associated with technology, the main purpose of technology is mostly for conveniences such as electronic financial transactions, advanced medical care, and long-distance communication. These are prime examples of the many uses of technology that many people could not live without today. While it is true that technology is probably used mostly for entertainment on devices such as television or cell phones, the single most important use of technology today comes in the form of online banking and online financial transactions. Every day all of over the world people make purchases. Last year seventy-three percent of all point-of-sale purchases were made electronically. Could you imagine buying something such as a car, and paying thousands of dollars in cash? Technology has made money much easier and safer to access and use. Technological advances in medical care have saved hundreds of millions of lives. Today the world-wide average life span is sixty-six years. Without technology used for medical purposes, that lifespan would likely be less than half of what it is today. The one thing that defines who we are as people is the way