Essay on Technology: Full-time and Mark Bauerlein

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“Technology: its ups and downs” One of the best things man has created is technology. It’s our resources when we’re looking up something, it’s our answer to every question we have. Honestly, in today’s time I would say we spend most of our time using some type of technology. Whether, it’s talking on our cellphones, skyping, twittering or even facebooking, our whole life is based upon technology. Without technology in our life’s we would be completely useless. We have spent and used so much time with technology that we are kind of making it harder on ourselves. Since tech is supposed to make things easy on our everyday life’s it’s actually making us depend less on our own intellect. Our younger generation is especially doomed to this because they use technology more than any other generation because that’s how they was brought up they don’t know any other way. Mark Bauerlein, author of The Dumbest Generation says that “The total amount of leisure time kids spend with media is the equivalent of a full time job” (77). He believes that kids now a day spend more time on computers, playing games, and watching television. Which I believe is true, sometimes I do catch my self playing the game when I’m supposed to be doing an assignment or watching television when I really should be studying or doing something educational that will be benefiting me and my future. I think that it’s not that we spend more time with these other activities but that they interest us and keep our attention. For instance facebook, it is a social website that I personally use a lot. I think this website is fun, interesting, and just good to use when you have nothing else to do and it’s something that everybody else is doing, and in this time whatever is the trend everybody wants to do it. Because if you’re not into the latest topic your likely to get teased and made fun of. When Mark Bauerlein was at a public speaking for the University of Maryland, talking about what happens when young adults don’t read and not knowing about the government but knowing when the latest version of Halo comes out a student yelled out that American Idol is more important, he said that “Knowing the names and ranks of politicians gets her nowhere in her social set, and reading a book about the roman empire earns nothing but teasing” (42). This just explains more that we do more of what is in style then what we’re supposed to do. Technology is one of the best things to ever happen to mankind. It helps us to do things at a faster rate which and why would we want to go through hours of reading a long boring book when can go click a button. “Today’s young people don’t suffer from illiteracy; they just suffer from e-literacy. We can’t spell and we don’t know synonyms because there’s less need to know. What smart person would devote hours to learning words that can be accessed at the click of a button. Spell-check can spell. Shift+F7 produces synonyms. What is wrong with relying on something that is perfectly reliable” says a contributor to a USA Today blog on “Generation Next”. I completely agree with him because who really wants to just spend there Saturday trying to read 500 page book on something that is about something that was done a long time ago or has no interesting plot in it, when you can just go to the computer or laptop and go to a reliable resource like Google or Bing and look it up and the answer will be on your screen in the a matter of seconds. These items were made to make life easy for us so why are we getting criticize about using it?
Although I stated that technology is something that is made to make life easier, this can also be dangerous because of the simple fact that we rely on technology to much. When you’re use to using something for so long you sometimes lose some of your