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Microsoft was founded in 1975 as a technology company. According to the company’s 10K report “We develop and market software, services, and hardware that deliver new opportunities, greater convenience, and enhanced value to people’s lives. We do business worldwide and have offices in more than 100 countries”. It is a common trend in the world of technology that everything is moving to the cloud, which as a result, as a pioneer in the technology industry, Not only has Microsoft focusing on developing cloud service, such as Microsoft Office 365, Xbox LIVE service, Bing, and Skype, but it also works very hard on synchronizing our different experiences of its products by introducing the new operating systems, the Windows 8. Microsoft has definitely brings the application of people’s everyday life with cloud service into another level. This paper wills mainly focusing on this amazing new product – Windows 8. For the past twenty years of using computer, I have always use window’s operating system. From windows 95, to windows 98, to windows XP, Windows Vista, windows 7 to today’s Windows 8, in my opinion, Windows 8 is revolutionary, because to a general public user, someone like me, the upgrade means no more than a prettier interface which Microsoft has not really focusing on introducing the product to people. On the other hand, Microsoft has done a lot more this time to launch windows 8 to the public. Windows 8 is new operating systems with very significant improvement, especially on mobile device. Long story short, windows 8 has helped people to synchronized different experience on different devices. From personal computer and laptop, to cell phone tablets, windows 8 make it easier to adapt to the products. More importantly, the cloud service has made it possible for users to access and share your file from different devices. In addition, the Windows Store, an online application marketplace, also provides developers with platform to provide applications and services to users who are looking for it. All the benefit mentioned above has made people’s life so convenient.
As internet has changed people’s way of obtaining, before Microsoft officially introduced the product, there are rumors all over the internet about how the new operating system would be like. When it comes to the launch event, Microsoft has invited both media, traditional and internet media, and some famous technology bloggers to their event. Right after the events, you started to see windows 8 – related TV advertisement on every channel. By windows 8 – related, I mean cell phone, tablets, and laptops products from all different companies that run the system. Moreover, since Windows 8 is revolutionary, Microsoft has decided to set up a table with different kinds of devices (cell phone, tablets, and laptops) in major universities and shopping malls for people to try. Since the system is quite revolutionary, and Microsoft want to people to use more of its services, the booths with professionals would help people to learn about the product and the services it provides. Furthermore, they also give out souvenirs, very cool sunglasses, t-shirt or caps, if you would fill out a survey after you have experienced the system. I thought this is a great idea because not only the company would received feedbacks from users which would help them improved the product, but the good experience of word of mouth effect would helped them advertise the product. Another great advantage that Microsoft has is that Windows has always been most used operating system in the world, therefore, when people are looking new product to upgrade, people tends to look for product that they are familiar with because it minimized the learning time. Just like Apple has its IOS system that synchronized different devices together, I believe as Microsoft implement the same idea with Windows it would be a lot more effective because it has a lot more market. Moreover, Microsoft has cooperate with a