Technology Implementation in Schools: Key Factors to Consider Essay

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Maia Hill
2nd block tues/thurs The use of technology has swept America off its feet and sucked up into its pen and paperless ways. Schools nowadays are slowly following behind in giving students the ability of technology to provide easy access to information and school work. Some important factors that schools should consider before using particular technologies in curriculum and instruction is the possibility of the technology causing more problems than benefiting the students, cause students to loose interest in everyday life instead of being stuck to a computer all day, and the downfall of every student not being able to bring a device to school to use. Although technology allows students to get more engaged in learning the downside still uphold the up sides of technology in schools. Even though most students nowadays are tech savy there are still at least a couple of students in each class that just isnt good with technology and does not like the fact that their work is open for others to see. In source B it state that teachers are getting their classes to post writing assignments online so other students could easily read and critique them.Thats not a problem till students start to take advantage of the privilage and start waiting untill a peer has finished and just copy what thier peers wrote. Not only is the use of cheating a downside but when the internet problems began to play a role. As being a student in a school that allows students to use technology it gets frustrating when the school internet is not working and you can't get your work done. There are some students who are privileged enough to use their own data, but what about the students that aren't.

Kids nowadays would rather stay inside all day and play a video games and watch movies instead of going outside and playing with eachother. The use of technology is making students miss out on a lot of great things,now a days teachers don't take their classes out and let them have class outside. Source F shows a cartoon of a little boy watching television the image on the television is the same exact