Technology In Schools Essay

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Tara Hickman

Mrs. Chouinard
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10 February 2015
Technology in Schools
Technology is integrated into every aspect of our life during this modern age, and it should be allowed in schools. First guidelines and standards must be set in order to even begin to use technology to its full potential. Technology is also a very practical aspect of everyday life.
Even though it can used in the real world it can be applied to multiple aspects in the classroom as well. Before considering different pros and cons of technology in schools you must have functioning technology and other additional programs that make using it a useful resource in the classroom. Many programs that someone might need to use technology to its full potential is a strong and a reliable internet connection. Google Drive, a type of cloud, requires an internet connection. Clouds allow students to save documents and make them easily accessible to other students and teachers. Another way of saving your work is a USB drive, but you’d need an IT person’s opinion about the risk of getting a virus.(Mills) IT people can’t be the only one that knows how to work the computers or valuable class is wasted, so teachers might need an introduction to new technology.
Now that you’ve established a standard about the function of the computers you can begin to set the ground rules on the usage of computers. Any type of technology just needs to be considered school property so all the rules in the handbook apply to school property also apply to

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any technology. (Zhu) Similarly to the psychical component of technology communication, through email or other online means, must be appropriate as deemed by the student handbook.
Administrators, teachers, and the IT person should monitor this communication by setting filters or manually monitoring periodically. (TeachThoughtStaff) With the correct guidelines and standards, technology has many practical and classroom benefits.
School is a time where kids are prepared to survive in the real world and technology has become an ubiquitous presence in the modern world. Skills such as typing and basic understanding of Microsoft Office are often requirements for many different jobs. Not only does technology help students prepare for the real world it saves the school district time and money over time. Students and teachers can easily communicate with each other over email easily and efficiently. Even though providing tablets, laptops, etc. may be costly in the long run, schools can buy textbooks as e­books have save money. (Borris)
Technology can used for different modern ways of learning. In fact some kids might respond better by this method. (Edutopia) At Yuma High