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Name: Aida Torres

Technology in the news: Apple iphone: 12 Pivotal Movements ~Thomas Claburn

Apple iphones have been a hot item since it was first released in 2008. The article “Apple iphone: 12 Pivotal Movements” written by Thomas Claburn talks about the quality of iphones throughout the past seven years. The article starts out quoting Steve Jobs, the co-founder, saying, when it first was released, that the iphone was literally five years ahead of any mobile phones. Iphone have been very popular through the years. It has made other companies, such as Google, compete. It also, as the article stated that it prompted rival hardware makers to design similar devices. The article provided a comparison on how well apple did with other mobile devices.

The article also talked about that with the new iphone being released this month, it will also have a new updated operation system. Before the latest iphone comes out the article looked back at the seven past years of the events that occurred regarding the quality of not only the phone but the operating systems and challenges it occurred. The challenges provided Apple to design better features and were able to sell millions of iphones.

Designing better operating systems and features are important because it is significant for companies to have user satisfaction. If a company wants to survive and succeed, they need to provide their customers with satisfaction. Customers are satisfied when they are given good quality products.…