Technology In 'The Veldt' By Ray Bradbury

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Craft Moves Essay

In the story, the Veldt, by Ray Bradbury, the characters misuse technology. I think the author is trying to point out how our future is going to be. Wendy and Peter have the childhood of their lives. They have all that they need and all that they want. This escalated quickly. They began to go after their parents for threatening to turn off all the technology. These kids are misbehaved and are taking advantage. The author uses dialogue, personification, and point of views to introduce characters, create the setting, and setup the problem.

In the beginning of the story, the author uses dialogue to introduce the characters. For example, on the first page the author includes “ ‘George, I wish you’d look at the nursery’ ...You
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A way it was used in the text was “They walked down their soundproofed HappyLife home, which cost them thirty thousand dollars installed, this house which clothed them and fed them and rocked them to sleep, and sang and was good to them. (Bradbury 1). In addition to my claim, this is how our future lives might be, depending on technology to do things for us. This shows personification because this is not real life, there is no house that does all those features.

Finally, Ray Bradbury uses point of views to setup the problem because the author includes, “The lions were coming...And here were the lions now fifteen feet away, so real, so feverishly.” (Bradbury 2). My claim is supported here because they have lions in a room in their house and, I feel that living in a fake environment might how we might live in the future. This illustrates that Ray Bradbury uses 3rd person to setup the problem, which were the lions in their cases.

Overall, we learn how the characters misuse technology and how Ray Bradbury uses many craft moves to make his writing very unique. The author is most likely trying to hint that this is how our future lives may become. Craft moves have an overall purpose of serving tremendous symbolism. The author also illustrates personification, dialogue, and point of views to show meaning in his writing. Too much of something, like technology, is never too