Technology in the workplace Essay

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Running Head: Technology in the WorkPlace

Technology in the Workplace
Pamela Light
March 22, 2015
Norma Swales

Running Head: Technology in the Workplace

There has to be an understanding of every job task to include all parts to be able to complete its responsibilities each day. Over the last five years; there has been a vast increase in technology within the workplace. These forms of technology such as fax, internet, emails, etc. have allowed professionals to work in a more effective, efficient manner. Although technology is not a necessity, it does enable people to multitask, simplify workloads and makes it possible for individuals with disabilities to become members of the working society. Advancements in technology have created opportunities for individuals with disabilities to enter the work force. Before the technological advancements; there were many individuals that were not satisfied with the way that they received income. Individuals with disabilities either stayed at home and relied upon government supplements or were employed through training programs. Currently, there are numerous assistance devices that allow a special needs individual to become a productive employee. This creates a feeling of self-gratification for the individual and truly defines the meaning of equal opportunity for all. Every person has different needs in the workplace whether they are disabled or not. The various accommodation’s made possible by technology makes it possible for individuals with disabilities to complete specific tasks. Blind individuals read memos via voice output and scanner devices. A visually impaired individual might benefit from the use of a large screen monitor. An individual with repetitive motion syndrome could use such devices as a wrist or back support. There are more complex devices that allows an individual with severe physical, mobility-affecting disabilities to work as equals to one’s without disabilities.
Running Head: Technology in the Workplace Technology is a growing trend in the workplace around the globe. Many individuals are trying to adapt to the change. Technology aids people on the job in numerous ways. They are able to access information to help clients. Professionals also link clients to other professionals through technology. Business transactions are completed daily through the internet. Internet is utilized for communication by individuals with or