Technology: Instant Messaging and Social Network Sites Essay

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How does technology affect the way people of all ages live? Well to start off, it has benefited us in so many different ways. The cell phones and computers have drastically changed over the last few decades. Phones are now touch screen and so are some computers. Technology corporations are making everything so compact and little that way paying customers can take their devices everywhere with them. Technology also has concepts that are disappointing in everyday life. Many people are concerned with the way children rely on texting, emailing, and social networking. With the way things are going in the technology field, there are many more inventions to come within the future. First and foremost, some of the benefits of technology are communicating with people through instant messaging, texting, emailing, and other forms of electronic communication. Phones and computers have changed for the better over the years. Some people may use texting to keep their long-distant relationships going; others may use instant messaging and emailing to keep up with their relatives far and near. Businesses are very high up in the technology chain. The bigger businesses like NSK and other corporations have phones in every part of the building so the employees can reach one another because the buildings are so gigantic! Most office jobs rely on technology and have been still till this day. This world would be lost without the use of technology. All in all, it sure does have very magnificent benefits. Next, there is also the side of disappointing concepts to the wonderful universe of technology. Many parents are concerned with the way their children are starting to rely on their cell phones more and more as the years go by. Doctors have now linked carpel tunnel to over usage of the cell phones. That’s when something needs to be done about how much parents are allowing kids on their phones! Another disappointing concept is the social network. Citizens need to watch what they say on the internet because it can come back to haunt them. If someone is trying to get a job, the managers will be able to see what your background history is all through social network sites. Social networking is also very dangerous due to predators that search through the internet trying to find young people to stalk and attack. That is why parents should always check their children’s Facebook page or whatever they may have to see who they’re