Essay on Technology is the Best, or so We Thought

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Technology is the Best, or so We Thought Growing up in the technological era makes it very easy to connect with old friends, new friends, or complete strangers. Social networking sites have changed how we relate to one another. Robin Dunbar stated “The limitations of face-to-face interaction that have, until now, bound us to our small individual worlds (the handful of people we meet in our everyday lives) would be overcome.” Social networking sites will affect these three major things, you’re education, you’re social skills, and you’re job opportunities. One’s ability to learn slowly diminishes when mixed with social networking. When texting one might put, “ur, u, r, y” instead of correctly writing the whole word. What does this do for us? These are basic words that the people are corrupting because they are too lazy to write it out. It will not kill anyone to spell everything correctly. Our ancestors are the smartest of all! Someone born between the ages of 1925- 1955 could name all their friends without hesitation, their phone numbers, and possibly even where they live! It is called muscle memory, training your brain to remember specifics about certain people. When talking in text “slang” for so long it becomes a language of its own. This will make ones words sound slurred, unclear, or sloppy when giving speeches, or something simple like giving someone directions. Always be careful what you post on these sites as well. “Once you post it, everyone knows it.” This means that if a young man posts vulgar things about his job and boss that even when he tries to delete it that it will always be there, even if it is not visible anymore. Once someone puts something on the web you can never get it back, especially pictures, they are the worst thing you can put up. If one works at a fast food joint and posts “fuck this place, my boss is an asshole, yolo swag money,” even if that was years upon years ago, the lawyer firm looking to hire can go back and see that. Now why would a big company want someone like that? The girl who was a stripper at the age of 18 now wants to become an elementary school teacher, guess what, pictures of her are all over different networking sites. No one is going to hire her mainly for the safety of the children and her past. However, if there was no evidence that they once were a stripper, or down grading one’s boss, you have 10x a better chance of getting that position. Social skills are at an all-time low from these social sites. Kids are getting to infused with texting, Twitter, and Facebook at such a young age that