Technology: Life Expectancy and Modern Technology Essay

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Nick Hershey
Professor Schikora
English 1050
6 June 2014
Assignment 2 Advances in technology have brought about changes in almost every part of the world. People from opposite ends of the earth can now be in constant communication. The health industry is making effective use of modern technology, enabling people everywhere to live longer, and healthier lives. Many schools are integrating aspects of modern technology into the classroom. Teachers today have new tools and methods at their disposal, to pass knowledge to students. As a child, I took computers for granted, and could hardly imagine the thought of living without them. This makes me question how the advancement of modern technology could be shaping our lives in many ways for the better, or worse. In 1950, the average life expectancy of a man living in the United States was almost seventy. For the last sixty years that number has increased steadily. A man born in 2014, in the United States, would have a life expectancy of almost eighty years. Many factors likely contributed to the increase in life expectancy. Most pivital, were the advancements made in the study of medicinal technology. Doctors now have access to technology that would have seemed like fantasy, a few years ago. Machines like an x-ray can now look into our bodies, and capture images with great detail. The images can then analyzed by a doctor, and if necessary, immediate action can be taken. As a result of the great deal of information available to doctors today, the need for exploratory surgeries has diminished. Medical professionals can now more easily see the internal structures of our bodies, and react accordingly to issues. Another key advance in modern medicine, took place with the storage, and
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sharing of our medical records. Previously, medical records were kept under lock and key, tucked away in filing cabinets. Now most of our records are digitally stored, making them much more readily accessible to medical professionals. Now any hospital that you end up in, could easily reach out to your personal doctor, and quickly receive any neccesary records. If a doctor viewing an x-ray of a bone in your ankle noticed something wrong elsewhere in the image, he may not have the expertise to immediately diagnose the problem. However, thanks to modern technology, the doctor could easily send the x-ray image to a colleague who specializes in the appropriate field. The improvements in medical technology benefit us all, granting us better access to quality care when it is needed. The greatest asset that any civilization has, is its young men and women. The youth must be educated properly, and taught to think critically. Luckily for us, the youth of today are being exposed to a fantastic educational system in the United States. The teacher is the most integral part of the learning experience, and teachers today have access to many new tools for their purpose. Among various new forms of technology, the computer now plays a key role in the classroom. Many young men and women are taught to type in Microsoft Word, before they even know how to write in cursive. By the time I was in second grade I had a solid understanding of Microsoft Word. When I was in third grade my mother taught me how to use Power-Point. These new computer programs had a very important impact on my personal educational journey. I've always had fairly bad handwriting, so drafting my school work on a computer is generally best for me, and the teacher. From the viewpoint of a student, computers in the classroom provide a means to produce work for the teacher. For the teacher however, new technology provides new tools to pass knowledge on to students. Many, if not all the teachers I had in high school made use of programs such as Power-Point, and Word. In high school, lecturing remains the most common medium used by teachers to convey information. In
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