Technology: Management and Chiao Tung University Essay

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The subject matter in my courses during junior year of college not only inspired me to achieve outstanding grades, but also was monumental in helping me direct the focus of my academic interests. In Programming Languages, a course taught by the director of Information Industry Institute/National Chiao Tung University Joint Research Center, I discovered where my aptitude lay within the information field. In a following course, Information Project, I was responsible for the portion of signal transmission and information analysis. Besides gaining professional knowledge and practical application of information, I realized my fascination with technology evaluation and effect prediction. My achievements during this project not only enhanced my ability to approach an experience from many different angles, but also encouraged me to apply for further studies at UIUC Technology Management. Moreover, I found my passion for management while taking the course named Concept of Management, taught by Professor Lin. During one memorable class, Professor Lin took us to a villa, where both he and the manager of the villa gave us great insight into its inner workings. I strongly believe that my thorough university training makes me a strong candidate for admission to your technology management program.

After graduating from college, I enlisted in the military service, where my leadership skills were recognized with several prizes. After being discharged from the military, I became a full-time research assistant for the National Science Council’s…