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Technology Centuries ago, in order to communicate with someone who lived overseas, you would send a letter in the mail, which was carried by a horse, or sent on a boat. In order to figure out a math equation, your only option was to mentally work out the problem. Back in the old days, to entertain yourself, you were given the option to go outside and play ball, or draw a picture with a pencil. As time has passed, technology has advanced so greatly, to the point where it is now vital in today's day and age. Technology has brought about change in communication, transportation, entertainment, and even education. It has allowed us to move far beyond a school house blackboard, and a piggy bank full of quarters. Much like every change in the world, technology has just as many cons as it does pros. According to Advantages & Disadvantages of Progression in Technology, New technologies can present business opportunities to small business owners that launch companies based on new inventions or new ideas that make use of emerging technology. For example, many successful websites such as YouTube and Facebook began as small operations attempting to offer Internet users unique services. However, a potential disadvantage of changing technology is the cost associated with adopting new technology and upgrading old systems. A small business owner might launch company and purchase a software package for his computers, but if a new type of software becomes the standard in his industry, he might be forced to upgrade to the new software to keep his business relevant. Technology has created a new world for us in today's day and age. New technology has made many tasks easier and more convenient. It was amazing when they introduced phones we didn’t have to have plugged into an outlet. Now, we are now able to access web, e-mail and social networking sites right from our cell phones! Another really huge advance we’ve made technologically is the sharing and listening of music. We have gone from Walkmans to IPods, and from radios to Pandora radio right at our fingertips. In the older days, a phone was a device that had no screen, having you only talk and dial out on a separate piece of machinery, and was connected to a cord which led to the wall. Over the course of time, technology advanced into a cell phone. Which was a handheld device with a screen and a keyboard to dial out numbers. In today's day and age, the cell phone is a touch screen device, in which can speak to you, give you access to the internet in a matter of seconds, and take HD photos right on the phone. Phones today are even connected to the owners car, or house. Students in school use their phone as a calculator, causing them to use less of their brain and more of the smart phone. Sunday News reporter says that their recent research on teens using phones in everyday life states that social media promotes lower academic achievement grades, lower attachment to school and shorter attachment spans. Technology has advanced the most in transportation. In order to go overseas, to go to a different state, or even get to work, the choices of transportation were by paddle boat, foot, or horse. Which soon progressed into cars, and now have progressed into planes, cruises, trains, sub, and many, many more. Evidence of Technological Change states that a particular innovation, like assembly