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technology makes our life more comfortable and convenient. technology render people many advantages. Modern telecommunication shortens the distance between people and makes communication much easier. Internet is widely used now not only for collection of abundant information but also for correspondence. Email, the most effective communication device now, is becoming very popular. Besides, telephone and mobile phone make contact more convenient than before.

21st century is the century of technology. Nowadays, technology is everywhere around us. The development of technology has a significant affact toward the society. Several technologies that we usually use are the internet, computer, and cellphone. These new technologies make our life much easier and better.
Nowadays, many people have a cellphone. But it just appears on the market for about 10 years. It is very convenience to the users because we can talk to anyone we want with a phone as small as a wallet. Also, we can communicate with others by making a phone call instead of sending letters. It is very fast and useful way to communicate.

1. Computers. Computers have come a long way from cabinet-sized hard drives to small laptops. From storing information electronically to keeping us on budget and on time, computers are invaluable for running a home-based business.
2. Handhelds. You say Blackberry and I say iPhone. Either way, the Internet, contact information, to-do lists and anything else we need to function every day is in the palm of our hands.
3. The Internet. Anything you need to know is only a keystroke away. Encyclopedias, phone books, printed manuals…who needs them? More updated versions of almost anything in print is available online.
4. E-mail. Communicating with someone halfway around the world is as easy as staying in touch with your favorite local client. No more waiting for snail mail or overnight mail. If you need an answer from