Essay on Technology: Mobile Phone and Good Thing

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Everyone has seen the boy with earphones in, or the girl rapidly texting on her phone. Teenagers are constantly engaged in technology that have nonstop communication, whether through cell phones, XBOX’s, laptops, or MP3 players, which most of time is on there new and improved iPhone. But are these technological advancements really a good thing? I believe that the growth of technology is a good thing but has its major down falls. I for one am always on my phone whether it is to talk to my boyfriend or to look up something on the internet for a self diagnosed disease that has nothing to do with what I have. I even have bought a fifty dollar case to protect my best friend, which changed my black iPhone to a pink one, it even protects the oh so delectate screen and keeps fingers from leaving grease marks. Why is it that I feel the need to spend 200 or more dollars on a phone that could break with even the littlest fall? Is it to change the background every twenty mintutes to a picture of a dog or the power-puffs girls? Or is it to be on MySpace or Facebook every ten minutes to check the latest status up dates and post my favorite love song lyrics? Or maybe it is to tweet my feelings and start a whole bunch drama for myself that wasn’t even needed? Honestly it is all those things because teenagers nowadays have nothing better to do then creep on who they wish they were because they are so self-conscious with themselves that they can’t focus on being who they are instead of society wishes they could be. Cellphones, iPods, laptops, and tablets make it so much easier for teens to do all of these things. They make it easier for us to log on to Facebook or twitter and see what society wishes we were like. They make it easier for girls to look up a picture of model and starve themselves to look like them but websites like pintrest promote healthy weight loss and you can ‘pin’ healthy foods and workouts to your board but that is way harder. I fall victim to all of these things. I love my phone, I love that I can click on the little Facebook button and instantly see what my boyfriend is posting or what best friend is saying behind my back, I love being able to log on to instagram and see pictures of all the famous people I would love to be and or marry. I love the fact that I can put headphones in and block out my parents when they think they know better for me and also block out that girl that is laughing like a hyena in the library. I also am in love my laptop because it lets me watch Grey’s anatomy for hours on end and distract me from my schoolwork. I mean I spent a thousand some dollars on it, it better make me happy. The only thing that technology really does if give what we want, and knock us down at the same time. It keeps boys locked up in their room, talking to Japanese boys, while playing call of duty, the ghost version. It keeps girls also in their