Technology: Mobile Phone and Manual Research Tools Essay

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The days of searching through libraries or searching through manual research tools are long over and have been replaced by advancements in technology. Technology is the backbone of society; without technology, society would be “in the dark” as people increasingly rely on devices like computee. Technology in the classroom is a major asset because it allows information to be presented to a class in a short amount of time and in more than ample detail. Technology allows teachers to delve into greater detail in the classroom because it enables resources to be a click away, instead of a library away. Smart boards, laptops, and tablets are all examples of technology being used in the classroom. Through the teaching and usage of technology in the classroom, children will become excellent users of this type of equipment. While computers, tablets, smart phones and other advance pieces of technology are a part of everyday life in our culture and society these pieces of technology create a negative atmosphere. Through the advent of these devices new issues, crimes and problems have arisen. Almost all devices have some access to a form of internet or social networking. Whether it is through text messages, email, social media, or other forms of technological interconnection problems have developed. A major problem of society functioning with technology at the center of people’s lives is an issue known as cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is a serious issue in which a