Essay about Technology: Mobile Phone and People

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Henry Montgomery
Technology essay
The society today is living and witnessing a technological revolution. Every few months there’s a new “big thing” that is out. Although, televisions have been around for a long time, we still have upgraded flat screen televisions that can almost fill up the side of a wall. The iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c are both apple products that came out within a year of each other. Even newer than televisions or phones, social media is now the newest thing we have now. On facebook and twitter most people log onto it or check it every day. Some people are too dependent on their gadgets, but indeed this society has a healthy and beneficial relationship with technology.
When telephones first came out in the 1870’s they were definitely too big to fit in a pocket or carry around with you all day, but now we have iPhones that are literally smaller than your hand. iPhones set the bar for cellular phones. Everywhere there is an iPhone. By November of 2013 about 421 million iPhones have been sold to the public. Even though iPhones can be used as another type of distraction; iPhones can be used to access so much information with the touch of a button. On iPhones a person can have access to facebook, twitter, and almost every internet page ever created. People can easily look up a company’s information through the internet and through an iPhone. Another great accessory an iPhone has is that an iPhone gives a person a GPS. Basically if they’re lost in an unfamiliar place, all they would have to do is type in a place they would like to go, and the iPhone could find their location and direct them to where they need to go. Before iPhones and other cell phones, it would be a difficult task to locate and talk to a person and organize a good time. Through iPhones a person can easily contact their friend or family in another state like they were standing next to them. Another great feature the iPhone offers is the availability to watch and share videos. People can share family videos to distant family members, or they could watch a video of an educational topic that interest them, or a person could even watch an information and instructional video. For instance, an iPhone can go to youtube and search how to perform an oil change to a car. In seconds, the iPhone has accessed many videos to how to change an oil and a person could fix their car themselves.
One of the oldest electronic devices most people use in their everyday lives is the television. The television has been used in many positive ways over the years and still is. The television was used to expose Joeseph McCarthy during the 50’s during is hunt for communist. The television is used mainly for news broadcast. On television there is news programs world wide and in a local area. The local area news is a great resource for people because it gives the weather report and recent crimes and political news in a person’s area. It helps people know what happens around them. The world news is a great news because it shows our relationship with other countries across the globe. It also shows what other critical things are happening in other countries. A person could argue that not everybody likes the news, and that there is boloney on some television programs, but on television there isn’t just news stations. The television has stations on animal education, Animal Planet. There is a huge variety of different television stations that could suit a person’s likes and dislikes. There is the History channel, Military channel, and many other informational programs on television that could be beneficial to all people.
About 500 million people use facebook, and about 650 million people use twitter. Between the two millions have accounts on both. Facebook and twitter are useful informational tools. On twitter CNN has posts every few hours with information across the world. For example, when Nelson Mandela died, CNN’s twitter page