Technology: Mobile Phone and Technology Essay

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The World Has Culturally Changed Over the Past 50 Years
Technology plays a major role in today’s society. With technology, social networking is more popular than ever, causing people to have little privacy. Crime increasing has put a dent in our altering society, for the worse. Last but not least, people are mistreating the government in ways that were never thought possible. The key points of our society changing are a boom in technology, social networking, crime intensifying, people having little privacy, and the government is being abused. 50 years ago, technology was nothing compared to what it is now. When technology first became popular in the 1990’s, it was considered a luxury. Not many families would relax and watch television like we do now. Cellular devices were used only in emergency situations. Before technology was released to the public communication was still difficult because people didn’t find it as important as it was today. No one found out the latest news by turning on the television, or found out how family and friends were doing by sending a text message. Instead, they communicated by sending letters that took a couple days to deliver. However, technology is involved in most everything we do today.
Technology has made a great impact on individuals and the society as a whole. Satellites run the radio in the newest cars, most televisions have cable, and the internet is connected to cell phones. To most people, technology is a necessity. About 75% of Americans use technology every day. They use it through communication or having their paycheck deposited straight to their bank accounts. However, technology doesn’t just consist of the