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As seen in the video we watched in class, it is clear that technology is becoming a huge part of our everyday lives. Cell phones, iPods, televisions and computers are just a few of the tools that society has seemed to become extremely reliant on. There is no doubt that these technologies are helpful to say the least – for example, I have certainly been saved by the maps and use of Google on my phone in desperate times of need – at the same time I consider them to be harmful to our society. In this way I believe that technology is beneficial to a point, but I think that almost all of society has gone beyond that point by overusing technology when it is not really necessary.
It is definitely easy to get caught up in the latest trends of technology and all of the great and useful things it can do for us. In my opinion, the real problem occurs when one deliberately shuts out the real world due to the technology at his or her hands. Take, for example, a family sitting at dinner – this time is supposed to be spent chatting, catching up with one another, laughing, and simply having a good time with those you love. Instead, in some scenarios this is time spent with family members all glued to their phones, too busy updating their emails, facebooks, and twitters to enjoy the time with those around them. In this way, I don’t think it is the technology itself that is the problem, but rather the amount of time we choose to spend on our technology as the real issue. Time is something that is limited, and the fact that people abuse it by allowing