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Cell Technology Assessment Cellphones, they are everywhere you look. There are a lot of benefits to them, such as facilitating connection during an emergency. Also they keep us in contact with our friends and family members through text messaging, phone calls, and social networks. But along with all the great benefits, there are drawbacks. One drawback would be that they can be very expensive. Cellphones make calling 911 during an emergency easy. For instance, let’s say someone is trying to break into your house while you are already in bed, you do not have to worry about not being able to get help quick enough. All you have to do is reach over and dial the number and you are guaranteed to get help as soon as possible. You do not have to worry about having service to make the call because, whether you have service or not, the call can still be made. Cellphones are the way most humans communicate with each other. They keep us in contact with friends and family members who we do not often see. Thousands of miles may separate you, yet you can send them a text message or make a phone call. In a matter of seconds you will have communicated with that one person. Along with all the benefits that cellphones give to us, there are a lot of drawbacks. Cellphones can be very expensive. To begin with, a smartphone might cost you a good two hundred dollars. They charge you an activation fee. Then you would to get a plan on it with whatever features you want on it such as