Technology: Myspace and Everyday Playing Games Essays

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A large amount of Internet time can be bad for many reasons. This does not mean that the Internet is overall bad, only long periods of time spent on a screen or Internet.
It can be good as technology is quickly advancing in this day and age and as we grow and change, so does the world around us. If we did not use technology or the Internet, no one would know what it was which would limit our use of it in the future, when the Internet or using a screen may well be our only choice.

Though there are many good things about these fantastic inventions, downsides dramatically rule the stage.
Staying online all day everyday playing games or even chatting on Facebook, can limit your ability to perform social skills and important characteristics needed in everyday life.
Though on Facebook, MySpace, and other social networking sites, you are communicating and talking to people, face to face communication and association are extremely important.
The Internet and some online gaming sites or social networking sites can become addictive causing young girls and boys to spend an unnecessary amount of time on them. Many sites and games are made to be attractive to the eyes and easy to navigate, causing people to want to stay on for a long time.

There once was a day before Apple products and iPods were invented, when a hot summers day was spent in singlets, shorts and thongs, playing street cricket with your neighbours. Nowadays, we sit inside, air conditioners blasting cool air…