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Technology Plan for the Group Home Office
Technology is an important aspect for any Human Services agency. Information will be provided to show the assessment of the current technology status and utilization in the Group Home Office as well as its mission. I will provide the plan goals and objectives as well as rationale for any improvements. An implementation timeline will be provided as well as a budget and a funding plan. I will also go over the designated implementation team and staff responsibilities. There will also be discussion of the management letter of support and an evaluation plan.
“We are committed to enable and support people with developmental disabilities to live their lives as independently as they are able including working, participating and contributing in the everyday activities of life as valued citizens in the community-at-large”. (Department of Human Services, 2012) The organization has many services, “DDD funds a wide array of services intended to help support individuals with developmental disabilities who reside in the community. These services are not an entitlement, and their availability depends on current resources. The types of services available also may vary among counties. DDD is always seeking ways to manage its budget and use its funding as effectively as possible in order to serve as many people as possible”. (Department of Human Services, 2012) A non-profit agency “exists to bring about a change in individuals and in society. The first thing to talk about is what missions work and what missions don’t work, and how to define the mission”. (Drucker, 1990, p. 3)
Assessment of Current Technology
The Group Home Office which is a part of the Department of Human Services handles all paperwork, programming and clerical support for 18 group homes which consists of 12 head cottage training supervisors, 3 assistant supervisors, 2 clerk typists, and 1 head supervisor. For every 3 homes there are 2 supervisors one on first shift and one on second shift. The assistant supervisors are assigned to be in charge of 6 homes with 4 HCTSs’. The head supervisor is in charge of the assistant supervisors and the clerks. The office presently has one Xerox copier which also serves as a scanner and fax machine. There are a total of six offices, with each having a telephone and a computer. The Microsoft program that is currently being used is 2007. All the homes have a telephone and a fax machine. The office is in need of updated phones, updated copiers, fax machines, and computer programs. There is a lack of technology trained staff and lack of supervisors participating in training staff in technology programs. It is a known fact that technology is of extreme importance in human services agencies. There are several factors that “are directly related to the human services themselves, while others represent changes in society, government, and technology”. (Martin, 2001, p. 2) The maturation of technology in human services is clearly an important factor as well as competition, contract environment and the nature of non-profit organizations.
Plan Goals, Objectives and Rationale
The importance of technology in a non-profit is crucial to effectively managing a non –profit agency. There is a need for new copiers to be able to get work done more efficiently and to have staff copy their own work. There is a need for new fax machines to be able to receive and send faxes without any issues. Presently the fax machine has been down for two weeks and they have been using the fax machine in another department. There is a need for new phones to be able to have conference calls and call waiting. Presently the phones being used are single line and many important calls are missed and conference call feature is not available for use. The computers need to be serviced more frequently. Presently the computers have a tendency to be down for long periods of time causing delay in getting