Technology: Preliminary Technical Strategy: Integrated Design

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Assignment 2_Preliminary Technical Strategy (TechStrat) Synopsis
K13 IDA/ K14 IDM_Integrated Design 3_2012-13
February 2013 Name: | Yu Yongzhen | Studio Unit: 1 A | Site: | Pudding mill lane | Programme: | Transit train station | Tutors: | | Study 1: Building + Environment | (Ch 2) | Briefly describe the subject, investigations, and issues relevant to your open theme study of environmental design within the context of the studio’s final project’s building type and its site(250 words max.) | The site Pudding mill lane can be treated as an urban fringe which is sitting between the flourishing Olympic heritage and the contested territory of Bromley by Bow. The investigation start from the application of rhizomorphic theory. Within these contradictory fragment in the site, transportation infrastructure is my main focus. The research of transportation displays a history of acceleration of speed with various object and information. Technology development is pushing our “speed” to its limitation, and the core of transportation is also changing from physical to digital. Based on the development of transportation and the ideology of “City of panic”, the urban paranoia is that people will not travelling anymore because they can experience everything through digital technologies. An alternative future is a travelling future. By 2040, Nomadic culture is raised, Instead of exploring the world by opening a “machine”, people are happier to experience the real world just by opening their doors. Because of fuel and energy limitation, there are no road between city and city, cars are integrated with trains for long distance travel. My proposal is a transit station for normal people and also for the private travel and living combined nomadic vehicles. | Study 2: Structure | (Ch 3) | Briefly describe the issues, materials and systems that might be applied to your studio project, which will form the basis for your investigations into options for structure (250 words max.) | My main space are in two categories by using Gilles Deleuzetwo’ theory: The smooth space for circulation: 1 waiting area. 2 Platform area, 3 Ticket sell area. The striated space for stay and long-time activity: 4 Work shop for nomadic vehicles. 5 supply for nomadic 6 Bar for nomadic. 7 Shops. All these spaces create an alignment and perpendicular system which are reacted to the liner railway track. Smooth space is parallel to the track to gain the maximum interface. Striated space is perpendicular to the track to minimize resistance of movement and maximum interface with passengers. The smooth space are treated as continuity space and striated space are treated as cellular space. All these space requires a high efficiency of structure to provide convenient route and high quality lighting for activities. The track should be visible to direct destination and provide a sense of their position in the station. After establish a material dataset of pudding mill lane and because of its industrial culture, its material characteristic is concrete, steel and brick. Possible structure system is steel truss