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11/25/2012 COSC-1301-P19 | Daniel De La Rosa | | Technology |

| Technology |

Technology. We are surrounded by it. Whether it’s the e-mailing, cell phone, computers, laptops, tablets, video conferencing, video gaming, has changed each and every day living dramatically. Everything from the business world, to decision making, to human resources has been highly affected by the new and advanced technology. It’s amazing how technology has improved and more advanced than decades before. Today, it’s better and faster communicating by via e-mail. It’s with family members, or a general manager, we all use e-mails every single day. On the business world, e-mailing can make business communication a bit overwhelming. Many individuals have numerous of e-mail accounts, requiring a system to manage them all. In any ordinary day, a manager can receive hundreds of e-mails to their computer. An example could be at my very own workplace. Every time I step into my managers main office, I take a quick glance at her desktop and see the hundreds of e-mails from the main corporation, her supervisor, or even some of the employees calling in via e-mail. It’s amazing how technology is faster and better. Decades ago, they had to wait at least a week for just one mail. That’s insane! Now with the more advanced technology, we only have to wait about 5 minutes to have a reply from the other person. Let us not forget about the Instant Messaging (IM). The Instant Messaging feature in computers allows us to chat with one another instantly. The instant messaging really does help a lot of us in so many ways. It’s like if I need help on some homework from a classmate, but I don’t have their cell phone number. What do I do? I “IM” them for a quick response. I really do like this instant messaging because I don’t have to wait or hassle, it just a “bam bam” process. Like I said before, technology is so advanced now a days, that it gives us teenagers the opportunity to play online with other people. The Play Station Three, Xbox 360, Play Station Vita, you know name it, every game console out there has the feature to play online with or against other people. I own the Xbox 360, and yes I absolutely love what they call it “Xbox Live.” What’s the Xbox Live you might ask? The Xbox Live is an online gaming and digital media service made by Microsoft. It is currently the only online gaming service on consoles that charges users a fee to play multiplayer gaming. It was first made available to the Xbox system in November 2002. An updated version of the service became available for the Xbox 360 console at that system's launch in September 2005, and is a competitor of Sony’s PlayStation Network and Nintendo's relatively new Nintendo Network. What all these consoles have in common, besides the competition on the market, is the fact that you play online with other players. I think it’s amazing because you get to interact with other people from different cities, states or maybe even countries. You get to communicate with each other with a wireless Bluetooth device and yes you clearly hear all the other people who are in the same game lobby as you are in. One of its amazing features of the Xbox Live is the Windows Live Messenger. It’s like an Instant Messaging, but the Live Messenger allow users to communicate with one another at the same time while playing games, listening to music or even watching a movie! I tell you, technology now a day, are so insane. Oh and on the Messenger, it’s possible for up to eight people to be chatting with one another at the same time! But, it doesn’t only have the Messaging; Xbox Live also offers the Voice Chat and the Video Chat, which is basically the same thing as a regular instant message but now you get to hear the person or see him, your choice. Another great feature on the Xbox Live is the Social Networking. Now a day we have the Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Tumbler, and MySpace. All these great social media websites