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Kevin Vasquez
English 105

With all the technology in today’s society it is very easy to see how dependent of it we have become. As of today, there is practically everything to make life a whole lot easier for the human being. It might seem ironic to make such a statement but it is something which is very well validated, especially as of late. Things such as cell phones, internet, cars and things of that nature have made us into a much less sociable race.
Since the emerging of the internet, people have sort of began to shy away from doing things in the ways which they were accustomed their whole life. This idea of knowledge rapidly stuck into society’s mind set and the dependability on such technology only grew larger and larger. People were now able to talk to others with the push of a button, something which in earlier years didn’t even seem possible. The point that is trying to be made here is that people have lost the values in actually talking face to face with another human being when trying to send a message across. Even with the development of all of the social websites that are available on the internet now a days people have become less social. Another point is that all these technology available is messing up today’s youth, which will be the future of our very planet. Health wise, too much technology in the life of a kid is a huge risk in their development. Parents now a days would rather hand there kids an ipad than go take