Technology Rewrite My Draft Again Essay

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Amy Chok
Professor Nicole Colbert
English 1200
20 October 2014
Technology is the set of tools that were created by humans for the purpose of changing the world and improve the lives of the people. As technology advances more negative effects appear in the daily lives of humans, in which technology develops a high level of stress that affect a good concentration, tumor in the brain that is caused by radiation from cell phones and loss of communication in the process of growing children. These effects can become harmful in our futures and lives. The main reason why technology has become harmful to human life is due to the development of new electronic devices that are available to humans. These electronic devices such as cell phones, televisions, and computers have caused the loss of the development of concentration in which people are affected by the high level of stress. In the article “More Americans Sense a Downside to an Always Plugged-In Existence,” explains that “younger people are particularly affected: almost 30 percent of those under 45 said the use of these devices made it harder to focus (page A12)” and for this reason most people find it difficult to turn off their electronic devices after work because for them it is very important to have their electronic devices on in case of emergencies. As a result, many people have to check their email and make important calls continuously and this makes people cannot concentrate on their work, as a consequence, people develop more stress and this can cause people to die of exhaustion. To this solution Professor P. concluded that Other studies found that people who develop a higher level of stress tend to make many mistakes and this effect makes people lose more concentration. According to Begley’s article “I Can’t Think,” describes that people “start making stupid mistakes and bad choices because the brain region responsible for smart decision making has essentially left the premises. For the same reason, their frustration and anxiety soar.” This statement makes clear that the stimulus are important because it helps the brain to send signals within the nervous system to prevent the creation of mental problems, but if the stimulus is not working properly most people develop mental problems (such as the stress and depression). Some scientists discovered that people can have the opportunity to avoid the stress and the only way was to ask their bosses if they can turn on their electronic devices and tell their bosses about their problems or issues they have and this solution can help people reduce the high level of stress and have better concentration in their lives. After stress problems, people also face in the development of brain tumors because of radiations found in cell phones. The radiations are transmitted through the ears and when people sleep with their cell phones near to them. Scientists point out that child who use their cell phones more often have the higher risk to have radiations in their brain more easily because the radiation that penetrates two inches or three inches into the brain of an adult will reach more deeply into the brains of children because their craniums are thinner and their brains contain more absorptive fluid than adults. In Stross’s article “Should You Be Snuggling with Your Cellphone?” shows that people “who used a cell phone 10 or more years doubled the risk of developing brain gliomas, a type of tumor (page BU 4).” In this statement, the author explains that people tend to develop a new type of tumors and causes people to die at an early age by using their cell phones more often and because of this people are not able to enjoy their lives. But not only this, the author also clarifies that radiations that appear in the cell phones can harm pregnant mothers, in which their children are born with health problems or children can die in the process of development inside of the placenta. In