technology tearing america apart Essay

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Jingle Bells Jingle Bells Technology Smells
Christmas is the joyous time of the year. Families travel miles to see one another. Presents are given to good boy and girls. Nothing could be better right? Unless Christmas is really families getting “together” all on their iPhones, tablets, kindles, or whatever other device separates one mind from family time. America is losing the true meaning of family time to sending a text or facebook message.
Christmas 2010 technology reared its ugly head into my family Christmas. Technology seemed to be the only thing Santa was carrying in his big red sack. I received a tablet, my sister received the Samsung galaxy 2, my cousins received iPads, and my grandparents received a new computer. Technology had consumed my whole family.
Five minutes went by after the last present was opened and the Cassidy family had gone their separate ways. My sister and I went to corners that had sockets, so we could charge our new toys. My cousins went to their bedrooms and all the adults were around the brand new computer. That’s real family time if you ask me. My sister and I were at least communicating back and forth through our new toys. And the adults were arguing about what plug went where. Christmas at its finest if you ask me.
Once my sister stopped messaging I thought I would get on facebook and see how everyone else’s Christmas was going. When I got logged on it seemed like nobody was spending time with their family. Everyone was making statuses who wants to hang out? I am so bored here. I though this is Christmas why would you want to leave your family? I kept scrolling down my newsfeed and then saw a girl I go to school with I don’t talk to her that much, but she had uploaded pictures of her family. They looked like they were having so much fun; they were playing games and just smiling. I looked up from my screen at my family and saw how we were separated and didn’t seem to care. I thought if I would take a picture of this it and caption it be called the new family time. But then and idea hit me we would be having family time if technology wasn’t in our way. So I got up went downstairs and unplugged the wifi I also got box full of board games.
When I got up stairs I though world war 3 had started! My cousins were yelling at my uncle asking why the wifi doesn’t work. My sister was mad because she couldn’t update her status. My grandpa though my dad had broke the internet because he was the last on the computer. Then everyone looked at me and all I could say was your welcome. They gave me a very strange look. I said “I turned off the wifi. I thought we could put the technology away for a bit and play these games.” My grandma came over to me and gave me a huge hug. “I’ve been wondering how to get these people off their dumb machines and I’m glad you came up with this idea.” She said. I smiled and said “Who is ready to play?” My family all surrounded the kitchen table and it wasn’t to show someone the new coolest app it was because we were getting ready to play clue. All phones and tablets went into the box where the games had been it was put away so no one could hear the buzz of their phone. We ended up playing games until 3 o’clock in the morning. I could not have had a better Christmas. The next day I had my own Christmas pictures to upload to facebook. I could honestly