Technology: Technology and Invent Useful Tools Essay example

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Technology is science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools. In the current time people can’t imagine their life without technology. Surrounding us various technologies are helping people to live their life with more luxury. The technology sector has changed and developed many products for example computer and internet are providing information in simplest way also it has changed way of communication. Now people are doing video conferencing and chatting to communicate with their friends and family by use of communication technology.
Machines are helping people to make lesser mistakes .Robots or machines are working and you just need to program them with proper information. Technologies are saving our time for an example you can flew anywhere in the world in lesser time. With computer you can do any work in lesser time and also it help to enhance quality. There has been a significant advancement in the field of technology and science over past decades. This advancement made it possible for human being to walk on moon.
Everything is going to change more in the next ten years that it has in the last hundred, so it’s difficult to think about 100 years in the future. To think about indefinite future is very interesting. No one knows the world of 100 years in the future. I just guess about it; however I think it will never be better to live then that now. After 100 years I think borders will disappear by the development of science and