Technology: Television and Children Essay

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Ajaylah Thompkins
Jan. 2013


How Technology is Affecting Children

Most arguments that have been made today is that too much technology for a child can ruin their development as a child. I never had an iPhone, a Macbook, or any video game for that matter when I was a child. When I had free time, I went outside to play in the park or interact with other children, until the streetlights came on and my mother called me for dinner. I was always active as a child. From time to time I watched tv but it would be a minimum time. As a young adult I think parents should limit and also keep track of how much "screen" time their child is having each day. The four areas that technology has the most effect on children is obesity, academic life, family life, and violence. In America obesity has been on the rise in younger children more than average. Excersise is no longer in existence anymore because there is no movement. Instead children sit in front of the tv, or play video games all day, while eating most likely unhealthy snacks. By sitting around no calories are being burned off and they are less active. Children should be out playing sports or moving around being active. Parents should involve their child into some activity just to ensure their health. When a child is so involved in technology it takes time away from studying and the child getting homework done. It can also create a grade slip. A child should focus more on studies instead of video games or Facebook. Some may say they can multi task and do both at once but doing that will only take away from learning and gaining and also obtaining that knowledge as well. Children and also many teenagers do not spend quality time with their family. Most of them are locked up in their rooms. Instead of dinner with the family at the