Technology: The New Way of Life Essay

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Technology the New Way of Life
Mecah Wilson
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Media have become the way of life that people use to communicate. In the 20th century, the way Americans received information from the media was through the newspaper. Now in the 21st century there are many avenues the media use to communicate to the public. From email, tango, text messages, just to name a few. Technology has overtaken Americans, from the way we print pictures, to what we can make our phone do. The media communication line is through a different technology, causing the latest technology to become a necessity in the lives of Americans. Think about how we once had to get and look for jobs, now all we have to do is go online to apply. Media and technology are not only a necessary as a part of lives, but it is also a learning tool. As technology expands, in the near future we will see even more from the media and its use of technology.

Technology the New Way of Life
Over the last century, technology has been labeled as the best thing that has ever happened. When some people think of technology, the first thing that comes to mind is smartphone. Discovering what technology is, technology more than some of us can even imagine. The technology that we once knew in the 20th century has become a necessity in many areas of our lives.
The major developments in the evolution of mass media during the last century.
During the 20th century, the media’s source of communication was limited. Newspapers, radio, televisions, were sources of communication that was used to communicate to the public. Each of these developments has been a great tool for communications, as well as teaching. Radio taught us to use our hearing, as well as our imagination while we listen. The radio was a source used to what was going on in the war in the 40’s. The newspaper gave us current news, while teaching us to search and build our reading and vocabulary skills. T.V. networks began to spread in the U.S. households around 1949. Television as we know today is not what it started out as. From black and white to flat screen curve television. The mass evolution of television has taken over causing Americans to be drawn by what they see.
The influence of mass media in the American culture.
“The degree of influence depends on the availability and pervasiveness of media.”(Curtis, M Media Influence on Society) “A newspaper at first was nothing more than a paper that gave news. In its infancy, it had no other aim. But, as it developed, it began to be used for various purposes and serve several ends.” (James, S Influence of newspapers). Newspapers are a source of communication Americans has used for many years that is now available to read online. Many Americans do not rely only on news with the use of radio. Music has become one of the major sources artist use to advertise the latest music. How many enjoys the sound of music? Music has become an influence that has captured the attention of many Americans. The mass media, particularly television, influenced childhood development by providing opportunities for modeling and information- seeking outside, families and school. “Even though, television can be helpful, because it provides so much information, television as caused a stereotype in our adult and children, causing them to try to become what they see on TV.” (Harold, H. The Effects of Mass Media on the Development of the Children).
Media convergence and how it has affected our everyday life.
The coming together of information through technology for the purpose of communicating information to the public is what we know as media convergence. While in the 20th century, there was very few means of communication, now all you have to do is Google. Technology in the 20th century has crippled high school students from knowing a world without technology. While technology has become a major source of communication, it is sort of difficult to say that it has affected our