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Abstract Over the past few decades, society has transformed greatly. From the introduction of computers to the first black man in the oval office, changes have definitely been made. The resources we now have at our fingertips have made our lives easier, but has it necessarily made them better?
There is no doubt that times as we know them are changing before us. In my long lived twenty-three years, I have witnessed a great deal of what has come to be. People are no longer using their pre-paid calling cards at payphones to return someone’s page that they had just received on their wallet-sized beeper. No, now we have moved to “smaller” and better things that most of us just couldn’t live without.
Today’s Advances in Technology Perhaps today, one of the most respected men is the one who founded Apple computers. (God rest his soul), Steve Jobs changed technology inevitably. If you haven’t purchased your iPhone by now, there is no question that you just aren’t very tech savvy. The number of things that can be done by such a small device is implausible. From unlocking a vehicle to checking a personal bank account, there is an app for that. One can even control other home devices such as security alarms and DVR’s. Don’t worry about missing this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, TiVo’s got you covered. All of these conveniences have become a part of our everyday lives; so much so that most of us wouldn’t know what to do without them. If one were to consider just how much things have changed in just a short amount of time – “flabbergasted” is the only word I can think of. No microwaves, cassette players, (oh, my– no MP3 players!) This could get ugly. We think mostly of the gadgets that make our lives easier, the ones that we could all really live without. But, what about the other advances in technology that has been made within the last few decades. How remarkable! Consider all of the advances that have been made in the medical field. “Advances in medicine have made it possible for those formerly unable to have children to procreate; women well beyond menopause are now able to become pregnant with the assistance of medical technology. Advances in medicine have also increased the human life span, especially for white and middle- or upper-class individuals in high income nations; medical advances have also contributed to the declining death rate in low income nations, where birth rates have not yet been curbed” (Kendall 2010).
Technology Leads to Social Change With developments such as artificial incrimination, more families are able to have children; including same sex couples. This is something that would be unheard of twenty years ago, not to mention frowned upon. With procedures such as this, Americans are opening doors and narrow minds. “Nine states (CT, IA, ME, MD, MA, NH, NY, WA, and VT) plus Washington, D.C. have the freedom to marry for same-sex couples” (Freedom to Marry, 2011). The liberal communities who fought for these rights also fought for change in the White House. The votes of these liberalists elected the first ever black man into office. Barack Obama was inaugurated as leader of our country in 2009, and has since made several changes with hopes of bettering our society. One of the most debated issues at this time is known as Obama-Care. “Every person should have a right to health care”. Isn’t this ironic, considering that as the Baby Boom era enters into retirement age, “the heath care needs of people in this age bracket will strain the capabilities of federal programs such as Medicare” (Kendall 2010). This program has been in effect for decades. No one would have foreseen it depleting. I think I can speak for