Technology Upgrade Briefing Essay

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Travel Agency, Inc.
Capstone Project
Clarke Cummings, Michelle Jackson-Clark, Marco
Flandez, Maria Castillo

• How it was
– Local travel agent or call a travel agency
– Personalized service in a face-to-face setting

• Internet Explosion
– Became a ubiquitous tool for families with access
– E-Commerce came into its own

• Competition
– Travelocity, Orbitz, Expedia thanks to Online Transaction Processing (OLTP)

• Trends and Projections
– Mobile and Social Media
– Sharing is caring

Problem Definition
• Infrastructure
– Cabling, Disaster Recovery, Life Cycles

• Security
• Internal Voice over Internet Protocol
– None

• Switching to Telecommute Workers
– Currently bears no support for work-from-home employees

• Turn-over Rate
– Experiencing 43% turn-over in personal
– Rises cost to do business (recruitment, employ, train)

• E-Commerce
• Infrastructure Costs
• Call Volume Efficiency

Business Requirements
• Project Goals and Objectives
- Assess current Infrastructure of Travel Agency, Inc.
- Establish a plan to assess current and future Infrastructure
- Establish a security plan to assess current and future risks

• Project Assumption
- Current Configuration of Network
- Data Volumes, measurements, and details

• Existing Customer Equipment
- Hardware- Mainframe, Servers, Routers, Laptops and desktops.
- Software- Active Directory, Windows XP, Virus Protection, CRM application, Microsoft Office and Oracle Database

Business Requirements Cont.
• Identification of Business Issues and Requirements
- Retaining qualified personnel
- high cost of telecommunications
- insufficient volume of sales transactions

• Budget Requirement
- Budget does not exceed $1,500,000.00 a year for the next three years.

Travel Agency Inc. Existing

Alternative 1 Diagram

Alternative 1 Costs
 8X8, Inc. Virtual Call Center service = $1,332,000.00
 Comcast Business Class Internet = $5,756.40
 GoDaddy Website Hosting = $89.88
 Data Center and Headquarters Costs = $161,608.45
 Total