Essay on technology Vs warfare

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Although we are blessed with the technologies of the twenty first century, yet there lie numerous menaces of using the technology. Can we consider a day when we are out of the technological ambience? Probably, no. Our life is so embedded in this dementia that, lack of it, makes us eccentric. We desperately look for the cell phone to get connected, without internet life is unthinkable, without air-cooler a day becomes a night mare. Not only these, the other kinds of technological blessings constantly preach in our ear – we are born to serve your purpose. Is it the case in the true sense? Apparently, yes; but a deep insight reveals the dark part of it. That means, technology often does not appear before us the way it is thought to be. Let us delve into the details of these seamy parts of technology. Of course, this paper will try to educate all regarding the menacing effects of technology with a view to suggesting some measures to curb those.
Of all the ominous effects of using technology, individual health hazards come to the forefront. Now –a-days, we find increased use of cell phone and laptop amongst the young generation. Although the old people seem to get away with these devices, they are not left out of the purview. In a research, it was found that mobile phones use electromagnetic radiation in the microwave range. These radiations create adverse effects on human tissue systems. Not only this, use of laptops is also responsible for multifarious health hazards. Medical science identified that most neck, lower back, and wrist problems are caused by improper use of computers. The more time we spend in using laptops, the greater risks of developing incurable diseases. Among these muscular pain injury, computer vision syndrome and myopia are the most pronounced disabilities.
Apart from the health hazards, too much dependence on technology has made us solitary; often resulting into apathetic syndrome. Family bonding – as we look into the society’s structure – has become too ramshackled to hold all the members of the family together. Parents are comfortable in their rooms watching movies; children are busy in their ipods, cellphones, or playing games in computer. At some point, all the members feel a kind of desolute obsession. No room for family education, not much to think on grooming up the young generation. As a result, the young generation gets addicted to drugs, commit various social crimes and, most importantly, suffer