Technology: Wireless Internet Essay

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Ali Saad
Nicole Castle-Kelly
ENG 131
13 December 2014
Illustration Essay: Technology Leads To Laziness “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots” (Einstein). Today this world is being drowned in technology, cell phones, television, and types of transportation. Not only was Einstein correct but also, technology has taken humans even further; we have become lazy. There are countless examples to prove Einstein’s theory but, think of the obvious ones. When we come home we find our family most of the time lounging and “chilling” on the couch with an electronic device or watching TV. Instead of performing chores or something productive they insist on reading the latest gossip on a popular blog or social network and push aside the more important responsibilities. “I’ll do it later” or “One sec” is what is said most of time but all that comes to mind is laziness. “Wi-Fi” is the new trend of the twenty first century; wireless internet. It has become so abundantly popular that restaurants and businesses have now offered free wireless internet to attract more customers. “Do you guys have Wi-Fi?” and “What’s the password for the Wi-Fi?” Children and even adults are too attached to their technology so they even urge or bother to interact with one another. The recent attraction for kids is video games. These games require internet to play, whether is on the computer or console device; Xbox, Playstation, etc. During their rampage or quest they’re too distracted and don’t pay attention to anything around them,
Saad 2 they become a ghost. When they’re told to do something they probably won’t comprehend or hear it the first time because they’re too focused on the game and/or distracted. In result, they use the famous line “One sec” or my own “You can’t pause the world”. We are too lazy to get up for one another because of technology. Texting and driving has increased in the last couple of years. Cell phones have blind us from paying attention and focusing on driving. Instead we think we can all multi-task and perform these dangerous actions. We are too lazy to wait for the next stop light or pull over to answer the text or even make a phone call. “Stop the texts, stop the wrecks”. But that’s not good enough, why use my energy on driving when I can have someone do it for me with taxis, buses, even chauffeur’s. With new vehicles coming out the features are speechless. Automobile companies have equipped with built in wireless internet, which seems pointless. There’s also the automatic hands-free parallel park feature, why park yourself when the car can do it for you. The line, “Roll down the window” is soon going to be unrecognizable because in order for the windows to go down is all a tap of a button. No more keys for the ignition or turning the key, all push to start capabilities. When was the last…