Tecumseh: Native Americans in the United States and Chief Tecumseh Essay

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Ariel Marchan
Prof. Cook
History Through 1877
December 23, 2011
Chief Tecumseh Tecumseh was born on March 1768 into the Shawnee tribe. Tecumseh became a prominent leader in his tribe around the time when the governor William Henry Harrison came up with the Treaty of Fort Wayne. With this treaty in place it would force all Native American tribes to give 3 million acres of land to the United States. When Tecumseh heard of what the U.S. wanted the Native Americans to give up he met with the governor and asked him to retract the treaty. Harrison refused to and this led to Tecumseh leading 400-armed warriors into Harrisons home attempting to intimidate him into taking back the treaty. Harrison again refused; his militia stepped into protecting him from Tecumseh and his warriors. Soon after on November 6, 1811 Harrison and his men surprised Tecumseh and his men with a sneak attack. Tecumseh’s men fought and lost in the Battle of Tippecanoe. A few months later the War of 1812 began. Tecumseh became involved in the war in trying to fight Harrison again in the Battle of Thames. Tecumseh being allied with the British wanted to get back land that was taken from him and his people. On October 15, 1813 William Henry Harrison and the Americans beat the British and Native Americans in the Battle of Thames. In there defeat Tecumseh suffered a fatal injury. Tecumseh’s death symbolized the end of the Native American resistance against the United States. Richard Mentor Johnson was elected the vice-president because he claimed