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Joana Marquez
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Ted Bundy – A
Ted Bundy was born on November 24, 1946 in Burlington, Vermont. Bundy was prosecuted in the 1970s for the rape and murder of more than 36 women in several states.
Bundy was born into a well­off family. When his mother got married to Johnnie Bundy, he felt alone. Bundy began showing unusual interest in knives around the age of three. In his teenage years he began to watch people in their homes and never thought it was wrong to steal. Every time Bundy happened to move states, women began disappearing more and more. Bundy fell in love with a woman from the University of Washington, when they broke up it tore him apart. The police reports include this as a motive because every suspect resembled an attractive Brunette.
Bundy was stopped by the police and they were able to find all of the burglary tools in his trunk. He was accused of the murder of two women in Colorado, Bundy decided to act as his own lawyer. He began to try to escape on the way to the courthouse Library. He escaped the jailhouse and broke into a sorority harming two girls, and killing two more. He

was given the death penalty because of the bite marks he left on his victims. January 24,
1989 Bundy was put in the electric chair at the Florida state prison.
Ted Bundy­ B
Ted Bundy’s criminal activity would still be considered deviant in our society. In fact, I believe Bundy would have much higher repercussions because of how he handled the situation. Many men have convicted in the first trial, instead of having three different trials. This man was considered deviant in all of the cultural values, religious because he harmed multiple human beings. Political because he showed that the government wasn’t able to protect all of the citizens from danger. He may have not been seen as deviant in the economic culture, except in the philosophical murder is looked down upon.
This man wouldn’t have been considered a deviant for the rape of his victims, he would have been considered deviant for the