Ted Williams Speech Essay

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Speech 205
Professor J. Lee
April 8, 2013

1. Does Stu have a strong introduction? Why or Why not? Please explain your answer in at least 5 sentences.
-Yes, I think that Stu does have a strong introduction. I think that he does a great job opening with a quote from Ted Williams that may relate the person of tribute to the audience member. He also gives factual information as to why he is considered one of the greatest to play baseball. I think this is important because it allows people to know that this is the truth and is not biased information. Another great point that Stu makes is the reference back to Ted Williams’ nicknames. For an older audience member, this may be intriguing simply for the fact they may have known him as one of these names. He also chose good word choice when explaining why he thought Ted Williams was such a great individual. 2. In the body of the speech, how many points does Stuart describe for his audience about Ted 
William? Give a brief description of each and how he lets the audience know he has started a new point. (at least 5 sentences)
-In the body of the speech, Stu describes three main points. The first point being patriotism. He informs us of Ted’s great accomplishments in the Marine’s and explains that he put his country before everything else, including baseball. The second point that Stu makes in the body is how Ted Williams showed perseverance. He explains how Ted was injured in the Korean War and how he continually avoided the injury and kept on playing baseball regardless of the pain. The final point that Stu makes is how Ted Williams also taught us charity. He explains how interested Ted was in fundraising and making a difference in someone’s life. He also talks about how Ted even did fundraising while he was caught up in his baseball career; he made sure that he was able to help wherever he could. 3. Did Stuart describe his sources in the speech? Please explain your answer in at least 5 sentences.
-Stu did not talk about sources in the speech. This is crucial point that Stu did not provide during his speech. This could create problems such as copy right for him considering he used