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November 13, 2012
Teen Bullying Amanda Todd, who was 15 years old, was bullied previous times. She had tried committing suicide, but she had failed. She had drank bleach, and tried to overdose on pills. Amanda had posted heart breaking videos online about how bullying had affected her.
The cause of the bullying started off when Amanda and her friends were in a chat room on a web cam, the person they were talking to was a man and he had convinced her to take a picture with her top off, so Amanda had made a bad choice and had taken the picture. The man tried making Amanda take another picture exposing her whole entire body, Amanda had refused. The man had threatened her; if she did not take the picture, he would post the picture online.
One year later, the man had blacked mailed Amanda about the picture, and knew everything about her like her friends, family and where she had lived. That night around 4:00 a.m. the police were at Amanda Todd’s house and told her the man had sent the picture to everyone online. Then, a couple more days had passed and Amanda was getting rude messages from Facebook. Amanda had lived with her dad at the time and while going to school, she lost all her friends, and had no one. Finally an old guy friend had talked to her and they got close.
Teen Bullying: Amanda Todd Story
Amanda knew the boy had a girlfriend, but the boy she had had cheated on his girlfriend with her. Somehow the girlfriend found out her boyfriend cheated on her with Amanda Todd. While at school, the girl saw Amanda and was calling her out to fight. While the students were surrounding the girl and Amanda, the boy who was apparently Amanda’s friend told the girl to punch her in the face, and the girl had punched Amanda numerous times and had left her on the ground. The teachers tried looking for Amanda, but she ran away from school and she crawled into a ditch. Amanda’s dad had figured out she did not get home yet from school and went looking for her. Her dad was driving and spotted Amanda in the ditch. When she got home that night, she had attempted suicide by drinking bleach. Her dad found her and had called the hospital and they had to flush her stomach.

Amanda had moved with her mother and started at a new school. Everything was going fine, and there was no more bullying. A couple more months had passed, and some girls found the picture of Amanda when she exposed her body, and that’s when the bullying started again. There was name-calling and she was judged, and girls were starting to fight her. That night Amanda had tried to committing suicide again, overdosing on pills. Again, the suicide attempt had failed and she was in the hospital for two days. When she got home, she was on the Internet and people had posted things, such as: “I hope she tries committing suicide again and dies, she didn’t drink bleach again? She should just die and do all of us a favor; maybe she should try a different brand of bleach. Amanda, if you read this you should commit suicide again” From the all the bullying,